A First Generation Graduate

Like Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Here at Complex, we believe just that, education is such an essential piece of who we are as a credit union. It is at the top of our strategic plan year after year, for many reasons, but mostly because we as a credit union desire to see our communities flourish. So, it is no surprise when we get excited to hear incredible stories like Sirena’s. Sirena Mota is not only a valued member of Complex, but she is also a first generation, Mexican-American college graduate. Although Sirena had a son at a young age, with the help of her loving parents, she managed to defy all the odds. Remezcla Magazine shares her story, along with many other Latino first generation graduates, and how they conquered their dreams. Feel free to follow the link and enjoy the amazing stories of not only Sirena, but the many other graduates. (Sirena’s story is the last on the list.) http://remezcla.com/features/culture/hope-determination-courage-7-inspiring-stories-first-generation-latino-graduates/



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