A Spring Break Staycation

Flyer in blogWith winter break over and the new spring semester back in full swing, there is only one thing left to look forward to before summer; Spring Break! Unfortunately not all of our lives are like the movies where we get to head to the beach all week and ditch our responsibilities and all of our cash. Fortunately for you, here at CCFCU we know how to have fun on a budget. We’ve come up with some great ideas for a staycation that is, almost, just as fun as any beach!
Rent a hotel room for the weekend. Turn a hotel room into a home away from home for the weekend. Treat yourself to room service and watch movies. You could even enjoy the hotel pool and hot tub and feel like you’re on an actual destination vacation!
Take a day trip to a nearby town. Even the smallest of getaways can be fun! Go to another town near you and check out some of their local restaurants and shops!
Be a tourist in your own college town. Go to some local restaurants that you maybe haven’t tried before. Go to the downtown area and find hidden locations to take pictures! There is always something new to do and discover if you use your imagination!
(If you are more of a homebody and would rather Spring Break in the comfort of your own home, then these next ideas are perfect for you!)
Build a fort in your dorm room or living area and watch Netflix movies. Gather up all your blankets and build a fort using chairs and various furniture. Set up your laptop and a pallet of blankets and pillows underneath for a cozy and personal Netflix binge session.
Have a picnic under the stars. Set up a picnic area with blankets and a basket of food in your backyard or somewhere on campus. Ditch technology and enjoy delicious food with friends or your significant other under the stars.
Do some spring cleaning. Spring break is the perfect time to get some spring cleaning done. Get your dorm room or living area organized and decluttered to finish out the semester strong.
Decorate your dorm or living area as a destination vacation. Purchase some dollar store decorations and transform your space to feel like you’re at the beach or even in New York. You could even cook some meals and watch movies that go a long with the theme.

We hope you enjoy your spring break whether it is a staycation or vacation, and always remember CCFCU is present for you!

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