A Spring Break Staycation

With winter break over and the new spring semester back in full swing, there is only one thing left to look forward to before summer; Spring Break! Unfortunately not all of our lives are like the movies where we get to head to the beach all week and ditch our responsibilities and all of our cash. Fortunately for you, here ... Read More »

Refi Roundup

If you’re considering refinancing your loan and are unsure about the process or what it will mean for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at CCFCU we are all about the Refi Roundup and saving you money! When you refinance your loan, you are moving your loan contract from one financial institution to another. There are many ... Read More »

Valentines Day on a Budget

With Christmas season over and January coming to a close, February and the season of love is right around the corner! Here at CCFCU we know how fast time flies and we’re here to help you out this Valentine’s Day with a few inexpensive date ideas. You don’t have to spend all your money on a fancy dinner out or ... Read More »


Second semester may feel like it has just begun, but the end is soon to come! If you’re a high school senior you know this all too well. With little time left in the race towards the cap and gown, it is important to make sure you are well prepared for what comes after; College. If you haven’t already been ... Read More »

Surviving Finals

  Create a Study Plan and Stay Organized Figure Out the Way You Study Take Breaks and Stay Energized Keep Going and Have Fun Remember suffering now means you will be living well later! Investing time into your education is an investment into your future. Time is money and here at CCFCU we know how important investing time can ... Read More »

Couponing Made Easy

Couponing Made Easy At CCFCU we know what it is like to find the best bang for your buck. From buy one get one free deals to a simple discount, cutting corners can add up fast! Brittany, from Pennies Into Pearls, is all about living well without spending much. She gives us a quick and easy guide on how to ... Read More »

CCFCU Team Takes Two!

Congrats to CCFCU!  With credit unions from 38 states reporting financial education numbers and a national total of over 500,000 students reached, our credit union was honored with TWO awards at the annual NYIB event. CCFCU swept the two first place team awards for Highest Number of Presentations and Highest Number of Students Reached. The awards are shared with everyone ... Read More »

YOU Could Win a Trip of a Lifetime!

  What makes some moments turn into lasting memories? More often than not it’s the occasions that include presents; birthdays, holidays, once in a lifetime events.  Those very moments that are filled with squeals of delight and thrills of surprise. But the best gifts don’t come wrapped up in a bow.  Being there, lending support, caring when it matters most; that’s ... Read More »

13 Money Management Lessons for Kids

So many of our youth today have a deep understanding as it relates to money.  As a result, many states, like the great state of Texas, have set out requirements for financial literacy in the schools.  That’s fantastic, but it’s not enough.  You have heard the old adage, it starts at home, but that is scary for some of us.  Many ... Read More »

The Latte Factor

April is Financial Literacy Month . . . so that makes us think about The Latte Factor! What is that you ask? According to David Bach, financial guru, it is that something in your day or your week, you could give up . . . then invest that same amount of money. Can you give up that Latte? Can you ... Read More »