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Take your online banking to the next level!

E-Statements are electronic banking documents that replace the physical copies of statements and documents that you receive in the mail every month. Along with e-statements comes the convenience of checking statements as soon as they are available as well as the added perk of security! E-Statements provide fast, safe, and secure delivery and storage. Here are some ways that e-statements can benefit you:

  • Increased Security – Eliminating a paper trail can help to ensure that your sensitive information stays private. Secured by your online login information, your statements can only be accessed by you.
  • Immediate Availability – When using e-statements, you can view your statements as soon as they are ready. This helps to ensure that you can catch fraudulent transactions as soon as possible.
  • Reduced Clutter – Less paper to sort through! You will have less clutter in your mailbox, and therefore your house.
  • Prevent Identity Theft – Identity theft is rampant these days and it’s important to secure your identity by any means necessary. Most people don’t shred sensitive documents when they throw them away. This means that anyone digging through your trash can access your sensitive information and possibly steal your identity.
  • Eco-Friendly – Saving paper saves trees! Using e-statements can aid in efforts to save the environment.

We know your time is valuable. E-Statements are one way to save time, aid in conservation efforts, and secure your own identity. Be sure to speak to a representative at your local branch to find out how e-statements can help you!

E-Statements, just one more way we are Present For You!


E – STATMENTS:          Fast . Easy . Efficient . Electronic . Secure .

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