Frugal Family Dates


Summer is here which means school is out and your child is home for the summer. With almost three months of nothing to do, being home can get restless. Here at CCFCU we know how precious time can be, especially with your little ones so we’ve come up with a list of frugal, fun family date ideas special for the long summer days.

1. The Library! Most local libraries have special events during the summer especially for kids. If not, you and your child could still have a great time looking for new books to read at bed time!

2. The park may seem cliché, but it’s the little things that count. You could play hide and seek, blow bubbles or have a picnic. There is even a free water/spray park in Odessa that would be a fun afternoon. Either way you go, the quality time you spend with your child will be worth it, cliché or not. Here is a link to all the parks and facilities in Odessa;

3. Local museums are another great way to spend quality time together. Sometimes museums have special programs in the summer specifically for your kids to enjoy. This is perfect for one kid or ten kids! Museums are fun and educational, it’s an all-around win!

4. Home crafts are a great idea if you’re not looking to leave the house but still want to have fun. There are tons of craft ideas on Pinterest to choose from. You could make a summer decoration for the house or make some fun crazy slime!

5. Go kite-flying! This is a really inexpensive idea that will be so much fun! You can find kites at local stores for fairly inexpensive prices. For just $4 you could have a full day full of laughs and memories.

6. Partake in random acts of kindness together. You could have a great life lesson while enjoying some quality time with your child. Whether it’s going to a local park and picking up trash or grabbing a sweet snack and paying for the person behind you, your child will enjoy whatever they are doing because they get to do it with you!

There are so many fun and inexpensive date ideas for you and your child, we just couldn’t list them all. Fortunately, we found a link with many more great ideas for quality time for your family; Here at CCFCU we know the summers with your children are growing smaller and how precious time becomes. From blowing bubbles to random acts of kindness, this is just another way CCFCU is present for you.

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