International Credit Union Day 2019

Our Story

As we consider our rich history, we are proud to be a part of all that is West Texas…strength, passion, deep roots and a strong heritage. When we look around, we see people who stand shoulder to shoulder in good times and through trials. We a are proud people. Proud of our ingenuity and vision. Proud of our innate ability to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and come together in celebration of all that is the heart of West Texas. As community leaders and partners, we are proud to celebrate 61 Years serving the Permian Basin – 61 Intentional Acts of Kindness! We set aside this one day each year on International Credit Union Day, to give our hands to serve and our hearts to love the very people who make our community strong…those who serve in so many ways…to these we give back. As we celebrate you, we celebrate all that is the credit union movement. It all started with people helping people and has grown as our people have grown…as West Texas has grown.


Odessa Fire Stations

Permian Basin Rehab Center