New Flat Printed Credit Card

Your current credit card will not be effective after OCTOBER 11TH

What’s Changing?

  • Wed. October 9th will be the last day to make payments on your current credit card.

  • You will be able to resume payments on October 15th

  • You will have a new card number.

  • Your new credit card will be flat printed, meaning there will be no raised letters or embossed numbers.

  • Your name will remain on the front of the card while your credit card number will move to the back.

  • Added functionality will allow you to make payments over the phone (with a $5 convenience fee added to every payment made).

  • You will be required to re-register your card with uChoose rewards at

  • You will have to re-enroll in e-statements

    • Follow this link for instructions on how to re-enroll

    • Beginning October 12, you will only have access to the past 3 months of your e-statements.

    • You will have access to all of your current e-statements until October 11.

  • Added functionality will allow you to customize your credit card PIN with PIN NOW.

    • Use the number provided on your NEW card to activate and customize your PIN.

  • Accessing your account: Beginning October 12, how you will access your account will remain the same.

    • Click the credit card link on your Home Banking account

  • There will be a NEW credit card mobile app with enhanced features

    • Turn your card on and off

    • Assign specific restrictions

    • And much more info to come soon

  • There will be a new 24/7 customer service phone number

    • (866)583-4993

  • For any members who participate in mail in payments for the credit cards, there will be a NEW P.O. box 

    • P.O. Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493