Our Response to Coronavirus:

Complex Community takes our responsibility to our team, our credit union members and our community very seriously.  During these unprecedented times, it is important to be transparent while honoring the privacy of team members who have been affected by COVID-19.


On March 24, we closed our lobbies to the public.

On April 12, we had a team member at our West Odessa location test positive for COVID-19.  Although this person had been out of the office for the previous week, they were immediately asked to self-quarantine and any team member who had contact with the team member during the previous 14 days was notified.  There had been no member contact since the branch lobbies were closed 20 days earlier.

On that same day and out of an abundance of caution, we had a professional team sanitize the branch location.

As a result of the positive test result, one team member consulted with their physician and elected to be tested for the virus.  This team member also tested positive.  It is important to note that the second team member did not come back into the branch after the branch was sanitized the first time.

After the second positive test result, the credit union elected to not only sanitize the building again, but also requested that all branch team members be screened for the virus.  As we await all of the results, we have asked all those team members to remain in quarantine.

We have taken team members from our North Odessa location and placed them in the newly sanitized location.

Our branches are open.  We are taking good care of not only our team members directly affected, but all of our team members.  We stand by “family first” and here at Complex, family is our team, our membership and our community.  As always, we remain Present for you.

For further questions, please contact Lisa Wyman at 432.550.9126.