If you had one word or a short phrase to share with the world, what would it be?

One team member was asked that very same question at the Cornerstone Foundation Focus Summitt conference, and she got to thinking.  What would I say?  Is there something so meaningful to me that I would feel compelled to share it with the world?  What is that ‘thing’ within me that is my secret power?  Or maybe it is that thing that I most desire that spurs me to want to change my corner of the world… or the whole world?

Lots of inspiration in one question.

Well, she brought those questions back and posed them to CEO, Jason Berridge, and sitting there having that discussion, an idea was born.  What if we could peel back the layers and bring a group of high school kids to carefully consider their word or phrase.  That message they would want to send into the atmosphere.  Would it be possible they would get that real?  Would they be willing to be that vulnerable?  Would they embrace their power?  Embrace that something special that resides in each one of us? And, it is different for each of us.  ‘His’ power is not the same as ‘hers’.  But what would happen if we harnessed that power to do something really amazing?

The #PowerOfOne is the merging of just that.  The bringing together of great gifts, creativity, and excitement to help young people realize what is inside of them.  And the best part is the #PowerOfOne is not just the individual power.  It is the power that can be realized when a few or many gather together for with a single purpose.  The idea of changing their classroom, their school, their community, and yes, even their world.

CCFCU knew just the audience:  ECISD’s AVID Program.  Sixty-three students were selected to bring the idea to life.

These kids were led in a storytelling workshop by Lois Kitsch, Co-Founder of CU Difference and National Program Director at the National Credit Union Foundation.  Lois is a highly sought-after credit union professional who is passionate about changing the world.  Her work has taken her from the White House to Clarence House and more than 4o countries including the Philippines, Afghanistan, and South Africa.  Her work has inspired thousands as she worked alongside communities to empower and rebuild.

Lois took these students on a journey like no other.  They started by tearing down walls, trusting the process, and sharing things about themselves.  They talked about hunger, rejection, hopes, dreams, and more.  They were brave, and strong, and bold, and fierce.

By encouraging each student to dig deep, Lois offered a creative way for each student to come together, and learn more about each other.  “The CCFCU #PowerOfOne program helped to facilitate conversation, and expression in an original way.  Each story unfolded as students found their power of one as an individual and as a part of the AVID family,” stated Noemi Fuentes, OHS AVID Coordinator.

This incredible video is a culmination of the experience each student had as they began to understand what it means to discover the power within themselves and their AVID Community and to use that power to break down walls and change their world.