Refi Roundup

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If you’re considering refinancing your loan and are unsure about the process or what it will mean for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at CCFCU we are all about saving you money!

When you refinance your loan, you are moving your loan contract from one financial institution to another. There are many benefits to refinancing your loan, as long as it is done in a smart manner.

Always check to make sure your payment term is the same if not shorter. Sometimes you may find that you can earn a shorter term and pay off your loans faster and gain equity. If you are not careful in checking the details of your new contract, it is possible for you to end up upside down on your loan (owing more money than it is worth). If you refinance smartly, you will not only be able to gain equity but also save money from lower payments.

Here at CCFCU, we are all about saving money.  If you would like to refinance with us today, we require that you are a member at this credit union and you that you bring your current loan contract to one of our fantastic loan officers. If you’re not a member, no wories! We can sign you up for same day refinancing! According to our Senior Loan Officer, Johnny Camacho, “With our current Refi Roundup loan promotion, you can be eligible an interest rater that is 2% lower than your current rate! It’s just another way CCFCU is present for you.”

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