#HereIAm #ISeeYou

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be intentional? In your life? In your world? What if we took time to stop, and ask ourselves what power do I hold if I take time to be intentional. Intentional with my actions, with my words, with who I choose to be each and every day.

We have to understand the power that stems from being intentional. The gift that it becomes to someone else when we choose to live with purpose. That power says to the other person… I See You!  I see you,  I hear you, I understand, I care, I’m with you, I value you, I am invested in you, I see your point of view and stand beside you to support you.

Wow! The power of that message. . . I See You.

The #HereIAm #ISeeYou is the merging of both a message from our youth and the call to change.  The gathering of great gifts, creativity, and passion to help young people realize that they are far more than what the world labels them.  It was our pleasure to be there and to see how they each discovered that the #HereIAm is not just an individual power.  It is a power that can be magnified when a few or many gather together for a single and greater purpose.  The idea of changing their school, their community, and yes, even their world becomes fully attainable.

AVID ECISD Seniors were led on a journey by Lisa Wyman, SVP Business Development and HR and Myra Aranda, Marketing Coordinator, of Complex Community Federal Credit Union along with credit union team members.

These students were taken on a journey to find their power. They started by tearing down walls and trusting the process. They talked about rejection, humiliation, loneliness, hopes, dreams, and change. They exemplified bravery, strength, boldness, and fierceness.

By encouraging each student to dig deep, the credit union team offered a creative way for each student to come together, and learn more about themselves and each other. The opportunity opened doors for the students to be seen and heard.

This remarkable video is a culmination of the experience, of the sixty-five students as they began to understand what it truly means to be empowered and use that power to break down walls and change their world.