Serving and Belonging


What organizations or groups do you belong to?

Theta Eta Sorority our philanthropic purpose is children of the Permian Basin.


What specific event have you participated in recently?

We went to an organization that helps single mothers from abusive marriages/relationships get back on their feet. This organization is a safe and secure community where the mothers and their children can live and the people running the organization help the women go back to school and continue their education or begin new jobs and such. When we went to volunteer with this organization we provided a “fun family night” for the moms and children. We brought pizza, snacks, drinks, board games and a movie so that the kids had plenty to do. Later, we were told that the families did not usually like to leave their homes so they were very happy to see so many of them come out to join us.


What was the most impactful lesson during this event?

I was really appreciative of my parents and all they’ve done for me, to make sure I was always on a good path.


How long have you been a part of Theta Eta? What do you see in your future, as a part of the organization?

About a year and a half, I am currently treasurer and hope to continue my position on until I graduate.

What do you like most about being a part of the CCFCU team?


I was so very excited to learn about how our credit union runs and how everyone from the CEO to the frontline works together. I learn new things every day.


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