Student Organization

Back to school is here which means homework, tests and lots of studying! The start of the semester is always a breeze but sometimes things start to get busy before you can get ahold on them. CCFCU understands the struggle of staying an organized student so we have found some great student organization tips to ace this school year!

Organized Notes:

Organize your notes by class type so it is easier to keep up with. For example, put all your notes/assignments in one binder for you Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes and have a separate binder for your Tuesday and Thursday classes. This will help you better visualize what you need to get done for each class and by when.

Create planning sheets for your assignments like essays or vocabulary. This is making a study plan for yourself that you can use for different classes. Having your ideas and thoughts organized will help you when the final assignment or test comes. Pinterest has many printable planning sheets for different subjects.

Keep a planner! Keeping up with assignments and project due dates can be much easier when you have them all recorded in one place. Looking at your planner will help you plan ahead of time to get your studying and homework done. If used right, your planner could even save you from procrastination!


We hope you find these study organization tips helpful as you start your new semester! Student organization… just another way CCFCU is present for you.



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