Tailgate Party Tips

School has started back which means in no time fall will be here. I can already smell the pumpkin spice candles and hear the roar of football stadiums! With football games comes tailgating and tailgating parties at your home. While your team scores big on the field, you can also score big with these cheap and easy tailgate party tips!

Save money and make your own decorations. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest for the cutest DIY tailgate party decorations. We found a couple of inspirations to get you started.

Use napkins as “Penalty Flags”! Use red and yellow or even your team colors!

Create your own goal post with PVC and paint it yellow. Stand it up as decoration on your snack table!

Cut out jerseys, color black stripes, and glue the jersey onto a clothespin for a cute referee decoration! You could even use this as a hanging pendent decoration!

Food is always a hit at any party you’re hosting, especially one that involves football. Save your time and make various finger foods instead of a larger entre. There are so many different ways to turn finger foods and random snacks into a football theme. From football chocolate pudding to a fruit helmet, you are bound to find something awesome.

Use a white sharpie paint pen to draw lines on chocolate pudding so that they look like footballs. Fast and easy to do!

Create a snack football stadium by cutting up the boxes your soft drinks come in. Align them in a rectangle to make it look like stadium seats and place a foil pan in the middle to represent the field. Fill the foil pan with dip and the soft drink boxes with various snacks that go with your dip! You could even use yellow straws to make a goal post for an added touch!

Cut out a watermelon to make it look like a football helmet! Place other delicious fruit inside so it looks like an overflowing medley of deliciousness.

Save money and time this football season while still enjoying company during a great game. Tailgate Party Tips… just another way CCFCU is present for you!

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