Tax Season for the Unseasoned Tax Filer

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To all the college students, and even high school students, who have a job and are now confused about tax season, we have a few questions for you. Have you been receiving letters in the mail from old or current jobs with “W2” written on them? Did you know you’re supposed to be using those to file your taxes? Did you know you could get money back from the government by filing your taxes? Well, now you do! Here at CCFCU, we understand how “doing your taxes” might sound scary but we’re here to tell you to not avoid them.  Even if you think you don’t make enough money to file, you should still file! You may end up not receiving a tax return however you have gone through the process and now know what to expect when you are making enough money to be qualified for a tax return.

When you are ready to start filing, here are a couple of FREE sites that help with the process.


For most sites, if you have a log in and password, your information is saved. There is no need to purchase a package in order to save your information for the next tax season so beware of unnecessary fees.

When you eventually do get your tax refund, consider saving or investing your money. Below are 4 financially smart ways to use your tax refund.

1. Fund/start your emergency savings. You should always have at least 3-6 months of living expenses saved just in case of an emergency.
2. Pay off high interest debt. Paying off high credit card interest rate could significantly reduce your payment term and even save you money!
3. Invest/start a retirement fund. It may be weird to consider starting a retirement fund so young, but your older self will thank you. The younger you start the easier it will be down the line to continue building your fund and eventually enjoy your retirement.
4.  Pay off student debt. Sometimes you don’t have to pay off your student loans until after you graduate and sometimes you have to pay off student debt sooner. Either way you could use your tax refund to go towards a student debt fund for now and later.

Whether it’s filing taxes or smart investments, CCFCU is always present for you.


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