The Latte Factor

Latte Factor-01April is Financial Literacy Month . . . so that makes us think about The Latte Factor! What is that you ask? According to David Bach, financial guru, it is that something in your day or your week, you could give up . . . then invest that same amount of money. Can you give up that Latte? Can you make a cup at home or work for a fraction of the cost? Let’s say you give up $50 a week in fancy coffee (snacks, eating out, cigarettes, etc.). Invest that at an average of an 8% return for 10 years? How much money would you have? Would you believe it is almost $40,000! WOW! That’s a car, a college fund, a dream vacation or a great contribution to your retirement! At CCFCU, we call it having options!  For more on The Latte Factor and David Bach, check out his website at


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