Quicken Users

Quicken Changes – Click here to learn more

Web Connect – 5 documents (Quicken for Windows and 2 versions of Mac; QuickBooks for Windows and Mac can be found below in blue)


Express Web Connect – 4 documents ( Quicken for Windows and Mac, QuickBooks, & Mint.com can be found below in blue)

    Dates – Final Download before 04/05/2019

Disconnect accounts on or after 04/05/2019

Reconnect accounts on or after 04/15/2019

Intuit aggregation services (Express Web Connect) will be interrupted for up to 3-5 business days – after conversion (04-15-19). Intuit product users are encouraged to download a QFX/QBO file during this outage. The following services will not work during the outage:

  • Quicken Win/Mac Express Web Connect
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Mint (Please instruct users to not open Mint for 3-5 business days after the conversion to ensure the Mint product is properly updated. No additional action should be required.)


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