Travel Smart Tips – Retirement

So you’ve reached the good ol’ days! Now is the time to travel and enjoy life a little more than before. With the current economy and how expensive traveling can get, CCFCU is here with a couple of tips on how to travel smart and save for your various retirement vacations.

According to Heather Hunter from AAA, traveling mid-week and off-peak can cut costs fast. The more flexible you are the more money you could save. With being retired, you’re not tied down to a specific school or work schedule and you now have the freedom to travel any day of the year. Traveling on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday could mean a significant price deduction for hotel rates. Also consider the discounts you receive as a senior and through organizations like AAA or AARP. Even the National Parks offer a Senior Pass to folks over the age of 62 allowing free access to all the National Parks. There are so many adventures waiting to happen and money shouldn’t keep you from enjoying them. Finding ways to cut corners and spend less can still result in great memories. For more tips, be sure and check out this blog where Heather Hunter provides her retirement traveling insights. Travel tips… just another way CCFCU is present for you.

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