Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Ways to Save Money on Valentines Day

While Valentine’s Day is a fun time to celebrate with your special someone, being right on the heels of Christmas, it can be a financial strain as well. Below are some neat ideas to help you save money and still have a romantic evening!


  1. Cook! A dinner at a fancy restaurant can be nice but a home cooked meal can be just as special. Taking the time and effort to make your significant other their favorite meal can bring a new level of excitement and romance to your evening! Light some candles and you are ready to go!
  2. Instead of going to a florist to purchase flowers, call you local grocery store and see if they can make an arrangement for you! These arrangements are often similar in quality but far less expensive. Be sure that the grocery store keeps their flowers refrigerated so that they last longer! Take it a step further and hand-deliver them!
  3. Know where to shop! Many stores run all kinds of Valentine’s Day sales. Be sure to shop around for that perfect gift. A better price could be right around the corner!
  4. If you are on the hunt for the perfect piece of jewelry, try waiting until after the holiday is over. Right after Valentine’s Day the demand for jewelry goes down and retailers often start huge sales to encourage the purchasing of jewelry!
  5. Get together with your Valentine and decide on something that the both of you want! Instead of purchasing individual gifts for each other, look for something that you both could enjoy. That may come in the form of a trip or something for the house!

We hope that these tips help you create the perfect Valentine’s Day and save money at the same time!  Even on Valentine’s Day, we are Present for You!

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