Visa Account Updater

Effective October 1, 2017, your CCFCU VISA Debit and/or VISA Credit card will provide the automatic Account Updater free convenience service. Are there merchants to whom you have given your VISA Debit or VISA Credit card to keep on file for recurring payments?  If so, this applies to you.Whenever you receive a new, or renewed, VISA card, your old card’s information (i.e.., card number and expiration date) will automatically update to the new card’s number and expiration date – for all merchants with whom you maintain your card on file for recurring payments.

YOU MAY OPT OUT:  If you do not want to utilize this convenience, you may OPT-OUT.  If you opt-out of this automatic update, it will be incumbent upon you to manually update your auto-charge merchants whenever you receive an updated CCFCU debit and/or credit VISA card.
HOW TO OPT OUT:  To OPT-OUT, print and complete the form below, then:
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* Agreement                          I wish to opt out of VISA® Account Updater (VAU) for my CCFCU Debit and/or Credit Card. I understand it will be my responsibility to notify merchants, who maintain my card on file information for recurring payments with any updated information regarding my CCFCU Debit and/or Credit Card.

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