Card Valet

Card Valet

Take control! Reduce fraud by easily turning your debit card OFF if it is misplaced and just as easily turning it back ON when it is found.  Other features allow you to:

  • Establish transaction controls – amount limits, merchant categories and locations
  • Receive alerts – transaction approvals, denials and more
  • Get real-time balances

Click on My Cards (New) within your CCFCU app to access Card Valet and take control today!

Full Integration

• The updated app will automatically download for cardholders who have automatic updates enabled on their mobile device.  Users without automatic updates enabled will need to download the updated app from the Apple App or Google Play Store. In some instances, the user will be prompted to download the app, users with older versions will not receive the prompt.

• In the updated app, click My Cards (New) to connect your cards to Card Valet!  That simple.

• Any cardholders having issues accessing the app should be advised to visit the app store and download the latest version.

• User credentials/Touch ID setup will remain the same, and all previously registered cards and alerts/controls will be available after the update is complete.

• The navigation to Account Balances will be updated. To view linked account balances, the cardholder navigates to My Cards > Linked Accounts