12 Reasons to Love Complex

We have a dozen reasons to join CCFCU, and we’re pretty darn proud of each one.  Come in to any of our branches and talk to us.  We believe once you get to know us, and see how we can save you money, you’ll want to be a part of this credit union too.

Here’s our dozen reasons:

  1. We’re one of the oldest credit unions in West Texas, so we’ve been around for a while!  We live here too, and we are committed to our communities and are passionate about providing thousands of employee volunteer hours and financial support for local charitable organizations.
  2. Our best-in-class technology.   Yes, we have great online banking, but we also have a pretty sweet mobile app that allows you to deposit checks, securely log in with your finger print, and even turn your debit card on or off – we call that CardValet®, because it’s personal!
  3. We’re a credit union aka a financial co-operative, not a bank.  We work for our members, not shareholders looking for a profit each quarter.  For real numbers on what that means, check out any of our branch locations and request an annual report.
  4. Our convenience.  Branch drive thru’s open a half-hour earlier, and on Fridays they stay open a half-hour later than most other financial institutions, and some are open from 9am to 1pm on Saturday.  Of course, online and mobile banking are open whenever you need them, 24/7. And yes, that means you can tap your mobile app and access your account after a late night of Netflix binge-watching.
  5. We reward our loyal members with lower rates on loans, higher dividends on deposits (score!) – we call this Members Advantage.
  6. Speaking of debit cards, we know everyone likes to wear theirs’ out, so we’ll replace a worn-out card once a year for FREE!
  7. We know you’re human, and sometimes humans make mistakes.  That’s why we forgive with courtesy pay (non-sufficient fund). Questions, feel free to call us.
  8. Free access to over 30,000 CU Anytime ATMs across U.S. and Canada.
  9. We provide financial advice for our members – there is more than just lending that happens across the loan desk .
  10. We work hard to protect your information, prevent fraudulent activity, and alert you of any unusual activity.  And we keep you informed with news and tips to help everyone in the fight against fraud.
  11. Our mission is to exceed members expecations through superior services & financial soundness.
  12. We are Safe and Sound: Your deposits are federally insured for up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Association. And, since 1958, Complex Community has made it a priority to maintain a record of positive earnings, and we hold a 5-Star rating for financial strength from Bauer Financial. That’s peace of mind that we all need.