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What is Skip-a-Pay?

“Every cent paid towards skipping your payment is poured right back into our local communities.” – Jason Berridge, CEO

At CCFCU, we love every opportunity we get to do just that; pour right back into the communities where our members thrive. We offer two opportunities a year for our members to have an opportunity to play a direct role in giving back as well. Our June Skip-a-Pay program allows members to request to skip a monthly payment for the month of June. The payment is instead added to the end of a loan, essentially extending the life of the loan by one month. This can be a valuable tool in your financial tool belt and an easy way to give back to the community as an added plus!

Which loans are eligible?

Auto loans, recreational loans, and personal loans that have not had Skip-A-Pay applied to them within the last year are all eligible for Skip-A-Pay. Exclusions may apply. This includes boat loans, RV loans, 4-wheeler loans etc. However, home loans, Christmas loans, credit cards, and other lines of credit are not eligible.

When should I request Skip-a-Pay?

In order to have your Skip-A-Pay request processed before your loan payment is due, please submit your skip request ten (10) business days in advance of the scheduled payment date. (Example: If your next loan payment is due on June 20th, you would need to submit your request no later than June 10th.)

Excludes Mortgages, Mobile Home, Real Estate and Home Equity. Loans where the member is receiving credit disability claims are also excluded. Interest will continue to accrue on all outstanding loan balances. All loans must be current and all payments must have been paid on time in 2022 & 2023. Your payroll deduction will not be interrupted; funds will remain in your account for your withdrawal. On new loans, at least six full payments must have been made to take advantage of payment deferral. Participating in the Skip-A-Pay program will extend your loan terms and can affect future GAP claims.  Other restrictions may apply. We must receive this form 10 days before your loan payment’s due date.